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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you own or only rent a condominium?

    • The majority of condominiums are owned by residents that live on the premises but some owners do rent their condominiums. (All living arrangements must be registered with the office).

  • Are there Homeowners Association fees?

    • Yes there are HOA fees to keep up with the required maintenance ​of the historical watch factory.

  • How are HOA fees determined?

    • HOA fees are based on the square footage of the individual condominium.​

  • What are the HOA fees used for?

    • HOA fees mainly go towards daily maintenance of the building and grounds, cleaning of common areas, office staff, safety and security and utilities such as trash, water, common area electricity.  The building is over 100 years old and is the size of a city block which makes it unique compared to other Lancaster County condominiums. As with all condominiums, an association must build financial reserves which directly impact lending for mortgages.

  • How many units are in the Clock Towers?

    • There are 135 condominiums.​

  • Who manages the Clock Towers?

    • The Clock Towers is managed and governed by elected residents that make up the ​Home Owners Association Executive Board of Directors.

  • Are pets allowed?

    • For potential owners:

      • Yes. There is a 35 lbs weight limit on all pets. Owners are allowed one animal in their condominium. All pets must be registered with the office upon moving in. This includes a $50 registration fee.

    • For people interested in leasing a unit:

      • Most owners or property management companies leases do not allow any pets. If the owner allows pets, Clock Towers rules do not permit dogs in leased units.

  • How many vehicles am I allowed to park in the lot?

    • Parking passes are provided to residents. The number of vehicles is based on the number of bedrooms that condominium contains which is between one and two.​

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