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August Meeting Minutes

2022-08-16 HOA Meeting Minutes
Download PDF • 94KB

2022-08-16 Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Download PDF • 49KB

Three notes:

  • The cat litter mess has returned. Please take care not to spill your trash in the halls as it is difficult to clean up from the carpets and costs the association extra money for specialized carpet cleaning.

  • There has been increased clutter in the halls which is a violation of the rules and regulations. Welcome mats, trash, and any other debris left outside of units is subject to fines.

  • There has also been an increase of smoke smells within the hallways. Notices have been sent to those who have been reported for smoking indoors and fines will be assessed if the indoor smoking does not stop. The building is 100% non-smoking, so please consider your neighbors and smoke outside.



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