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On the western edge of the city bordering Lancaster Township, the two 90 foot tall towers at the Clock Towers, formerly the Hamilton Watch Company, have been reporting the time to the neighborhood for decades. Located on Columbia Ave/ Route 462 which is a major east to west route through the City of Lancaster, this neighborhood has been seeing some creative change happening that radiates from the city’s center.

Within walking distance of the Clock Towers is a host of local businesses, some around for years while others just starting out in our evolving neighborhood. The available services include a choice of hair stylists and spas, a retail store specializing in fresh crab and seafood, a beer bottle shop in a transformed old hotel building, a state of the art 24 hour laundromat with a play area for kids, a Turkey Hill convenience store and a gas station

For those in tune to the culinary scene within walking distance, there is a local tavern/restaurant that is a throw back in time as soon as you walk thru the door, a coffee cafe done Millennial style, and a creative gourmet restaurant located in the refectory of a Seminary.


The Clock Towers is in the College Park Neighborhood of Lancaster City. It is in good company along with the historic Franklin and Marshall College, Buchanan Park, which has one of the best dog parks anywhere, and some older one and two family residences which blend into the neighboring Lancaster Township neighborhood.


If you really like to walk, the Clock Towers is approximately one mile east to the center of the city, Penn Square and the historic Central Market. Downtown Lancaster is filled with much to do, including shops, restaurants, galleries, brew pubs, antiques and the home to the Lancaster Barnstormers Baseball Team, Clipper Stadium.


Lancaster is a tourist destination, a convention destination and a diverse and constantly evolving place to call home. When you live at the Clock Towers, all of this and more is within walking distance.


Of course, we shouldn’t forget that a 10 minute drive in almost any direction brings you to the lush Amish farmland and the ability to buy fresh picked produce and straight from the farm dairy products during the season.

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